Digital resources for studying Greek

(with an eye on the New Testament in particular, last updated 26th September 2022, more updates planned soon)

General Greek

The Open University have a good introduction to Greek learning.

The Eton Greek Project is helpful for practising particular word parts, although it is Classical Greek and not Koine. (N.B. this is a new [and temporary] home for the site).

If you want to use a Unicode Greek converter in order to avoid Greek fonts, try this.

For Koine as a spoken language, see the Polis Institute, and the Paideia Institute.

Texts and translations

For the United Bible Society 5th edition text, see Academic Bible. This also has the NA28.

You can access the Greek New Testament through Perseus. The text, however, is Brooke Foss Westcott, Fenton John Anthony Hort, so not one most people will be using for academic study.

The text is available on Thesaurus Linguae Graecae, but to make full use of this, you need a login through an institutional affiliation. Watch this space for some videos on how to use TLG, with a New Testament focus. I have made a 16 minute video walking through the range of tools.

General New Testament information and study tools:

Bible Search and Study Tools – Blue Letter Bible

New Testament software

Logos – this is now up to version 9.


New Testament Textual Criticism

Centre for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts: (Links to an external site.)

International New Testament Greek Project: (Links to an external site.)

and their YouTube (Links to an external site.) channel

New Testament Virtual Manuscript Room: (Links to an external site.)

Codex Sinaiticus: Codex Sinaiticus – Home (

Video resources I’ve put together

1-3 John in Greek