Summer Schools in Greek and Latin

Back in July 2020 I put up a blogpost on Summer Schools 2020. This page rounds up the available summer schools on an ongoing basis. Inclusion here is not an endorsement.

JACT Greek Summer School (Bryanston) 25th July – 7th August 2021.

JACT Greek and Latin Summer School (Durham) 24th-31st July 2021.

JACT Latin Summer School (Harrogate) 19th-31st July 2021.

N.B. You can find a summary page about the JACT summer schools here:

Romania: Dan Slusanschi School for Classical and Oriental Languages

Dan Slusanschi School for Classical and Oriental Languages | CCES (

Applications consisting of a cover letter and a CV should be sent to by May 16th, 2021. The course fee is 150 Euro. More details on the contents of each course as well as on the instructors for each group are available on the school website, at

UCL Online Homer Summer school, 2nd-6th August 2021.

London Summer Schools, hosted by UCL, 20th-29th July

Languages offered:

  1. Classical Greek and Latin at all levels
  2. Beginners’ Biblical Hebrew
  3.  Beginners’ Sanskrit
  4. Advanced Biblical Hebrew
  5. Advanced New Testament/Koine Greek

Classical Voices at St Andrew’s

Ancient Voices offers short courses in Latin and Greek (beginners, intermediate and advanced levels), Hebrew and Egyptian hieroglyphs (both beginners only), open to all. For each language ‘stream’, you receive 8 hours of language tuition, resources, drop-in language clinics, as well as additional sessions. The courses are timetabled so that you can do just one language or multiple languages in parallel; the timings also make the courses convenient for participants in North America or across Europe.

For more detailed information on the content of each course, on the course teachers, the timetable, the very reasonable costs, and how to sign up, just go to the CAS website at

Cork Greek and Latin Summer School, 21st June – 12th August 2021

This will be helpd on Zoom.

Belfast summer schools

5th-16th July. Various levels available, Latin and Greek.

Belfast Summer School in Latin and Classical Greek

Trinity College Dublin International Byzantine Greek Summer School,

Beginners: 12th-23rd July

Advanced: 26th July – 6th August

Kings College London, 28th June-6th August

Half-courses are available. This covers Latin and Greek.

Erasmus Academy

Learn Classical Greek this summer online at the Erasmus Academy

The Erasmus Academy will be offering an 8-week course that provides the equivalent of one year of college Attic Greek and prepares students to reach an intermediate reading level in the language. The course is taught in real time: Students log in at specific times (Mondays & Thursdays, 6:15 pm – 9:15 pm EST) and interact directly with the instructor and other classmates. All assignments are submitted online. 

Graduate students in the Arts & Sciences, any motivated college or high school student, or other adult desiring to read Classical Greek are all welcome. 

The instructor is Nick Bolig.

The course fee is $1250.

For more information, go to

Bologna University Online Greek and Latin Summer School (14 June – 17 July 2021) 

This will be online.

For further information and to download the application form, please visit:

Conversational Koine

The Conversational Koine Institute provides a range of language courses throughout the year.


Another communicative / immersion method for Greek, for intermediate-advanced students.

Intensive course in Latin, Complutense University (Madrid)

Complutense University (Madrid) offers a 3-week online course (5 – 23 July, 2021) in Latin language, giving intensive training for undergraduate, master’s or PhD students, researchers, or simply lovers of the Classical World. The main aims are to achieve a sufficient knowledge of Latin to enable students to apply it to any field, to handle the basics of Latin grammar, and to acquire translation techniques by reading and commenting on texts adapted from different genres in Classical and Medieval Latin. The whole course will be taught in Spanish.

Timetable: Monday to Friday, from 4 pm to 9 pm (75 hours in total).

Course fee: €1125. Tuition waivers are offered: 50% tuition waivers for early requesters, 75% tuition waivers for students and UCM staff, and 85% tuition waivers for disabled persons. (


The application form and further details can be found at


This new company runs a range of Latin and Greek (and other Classical) opportunities, including summer schools:

Oxford Latinitas Project

This is another group offering communicative learning approaches.

Summer Schools

Siracusa Greek and Latin

This summer school takes place IN PERSON for two weeks at Siracusa, 2-13th August 2021

Searching for Happiness: Ancient Greek and Latin Summer School in Siracusa – 2021

Frankfurt Sankt Georgen – New Testament Greek Intensive course

The course will take place in Sankt Georgen from 2nd August to 24th September (7 weeks + a self-study week) or, due to the restrictions related to Covid-19, it will be taught online. It is open to (undergraduate and post-graduate) students and non-students alike who want to learn New Testament Greek from scratch. By the end of the course, student should be able to translate texts from the Bible and its environment, especially from the New Testament.

Course leader will be Dr Giada Sorrentino.

The course will be held in German. Registration is open until 30th June. The course costs 450 € (420 € for Sankt Georgen students).

For more information and registration see: